ArtistNepal Site Rules

ArtistNepal’s membership base is a diverse community of individual artists seeking to find and offer work, expand their portfolios, and grow as a network of artists. Our goals are to faster the best in the artist community – professionalism, creativity, collaboration and innovation – through security, respect, and inclusion. It is also an artist’s biographical book.

By opening an account on ArtistNepal, you have agreed to abide by the rules listed below (the “Site Rules”), the Terms of Use, and that your account will comply with our Membership Requirements at all times. The Site Rules can and do change, so be sure to keep yourself up-to-date on these rules.

Remember: Ignorance of the rules excuses no one from the consequences of breaking them!

Rules at a Glance:

General Site Rules

  • Adult content, photos, videos and instantly dangerous content
  • Copyright Violations
  • Dishonest Account Ownership
  • Advertising Competing Services
  • Privacy
  • Image and Content Rules

Adult content, photos, videos and instantly dangerous content

Do not use Artist Nepal to network for or solicit any Adult photos, videos, interview, sexual, or imminently dangerous content or activities of any kind.

Copyright Violations

As a website dedicated to working artists, we take intellectual property laws very seriously. Violations of copyright may result in removal of the profile or rejection of a membership application.

We want to see your work showing whatever it is you have selected to do.

If you are a singer, you should showcase your songs and videos. If you are a songwriter, videographer, video editor, director, show only what you do. If you are a model, your images should show us yourself modeling. If you are a photographer, your images should be images you’ve taken. If you are a makeup artist or clothing designer, your images should show your handiwork.

This means we hope you don’t show up for something you didn’t create. If your issue is caused by Copyright Violations, your account may be terminated.

Dishonest Account Ownership

Because we are a networking site for real-life work between individual artists, we expect everyone who registers an ArtistNepal member profile to be who they say they are. Member accounts are intended for personal, individual artist use only.

We take action against fraudulent account ownership or fraudulent accounts.

Advertising Competing Services

We know and understand that there are other  portfolio, and networking sites out there, but ArtistNepal is not the venue to promote, advertise, or recruit for those sites or other kinds of competing services.

This behavior is prohibited anywhere on Artist Nepal, such as through , casting calls, forum posts, ad post, picture comments, text on a profile, banner ad etc

Remember: A little professionalism can go a long way in building your career and reputation!


Respect the privacy of others at all times.
Don’t post any personal information on your profile, including your phone number, address, email, etc. The personal information you put in the profile can also harm you.

Image and Content Rules

The rules below apply to any images, videos or other content uploaded to or shared on the Artist Nepal network.
Any images uploaded to ArtistNepal should follow these size guidelines:
Photo Size for profile picture and photo gallery, in pixels:
No less than 600 wide and 900 high and photo size for cover picture, in pixels: 1200 wide and 400 height.