Artist Nepal Media Network, under the Artist Nepal Network, is specially run with the aim of collaborating with Nepali radio, newspapers, television and online (digital media).
We are excited to work with local, regional and national media. Along with the serial relationship, you are aiming to act as the official media supporter of the artist by publishing artist information, news, profiles, songs, videos. We will also provide high quality photos, radio programs, bait, jingles and advertisements in cooperation with various media.
If you are a media operator and interested in joining us as a partner, please feel free to contact us.
The following document is required to be included in the Artist Nepal Media Network.

  • Authorized signatures on your organization’s letterhead and information about the artist’s work
    Please clearly state your sharing purpose. (For example: artist info, photos, contact numbers, etc. through Artist Nepal)
  • A copy of the license issued by the Department of Information and Ministry of Communications (renewed and updated).
  • Copy of Organization Registration Certificate (published by the Company Registration Officer or District Administration Office).
  • Yahoo’s Media Advertising Rate and Program Broadcast Rate

After reviewing an applicant’s documents, we will contact our team to create a settlement agreement to proceed with the partnership.
If your organization is interested in applying, please email us at or call us

ArtistNepal Media Network ! WHY ?

  1. “Artist Nepal Media Network” aims to make ads available to the media.
  2. Artist’s news, songs, photos, videos, profiles will be officially made available to the media on “Artist Nepal Media Network”.
  3. Can technically support all media related to “Artist Nepal Media Network”.