1.FIND Potential ARTISTS at an artistnepal.com

ArtistNepal is Nepal’s first artist portfolio magazine where profiles of many genres can be viewed. Before you can book an artist for your event, you need to create a list of potential artists who can perform at the event. When booking an artist, you must book separately for each artist. Find artists that are relevant to your target audience and match your event goals.

2.Consider your budget

The Artist Nepal Network representative will contact you after booking the artist from artistnepal.com. Consider the rate of the artist booking and your budget. Other artists can be selected according to the budget. Each artist will charge you a performance fee, but there are other artist-related costs that you need to factor in your budget. For example, an artist needs specific equipment to perform in the form of lighting, audio equipment, and more. Will the artist bring his own equipment? If not, does the place where you put your program provide the tools? How much does the venue charge for it? Do you have the tools to deal with third parties? These are all additional costs that can increase your budget.

Additionally, many artists have individual requirements that will be listed on an artist rider as part of your agreement with them. This ride may include things like travel, food, living space, and other personal needs. Again, all of these requirements add cost to you, so remember to include them in your budget. Get your opinion on all this with Artist Nepal.

3. Book an Artist

After choosing the artist at artistnepal.com and matching your budget, get ready for artist booking. Which is best for the audience and goals of the program, as well as for you? A representative from the Artist Nepal Network will deal with you for the grandeur and ease of the program. After the deal, the artist will be certified only after paying 50% of the booking amount. Artists will be in a position to prepare for your event.
Don’t schedule events beyond booked time. Only then is the artist making time for you. Many artists give time for other shows for active performances.