My Experiences
Singer • Artist • Blogger • Engineer • Photographer A Singer - Suman Rai is a Classical/Folk Singer in Nepali Typical Songs, classical folk & pop songs. He has recorded some owned songs, covered songs. - Since 2000. A Photographer - Suman Rai is a Photographer, he loves to visit natural places and take natural photographs. he captured around 1000+ photography. – Since 2007. A Blogger - Suman Rai is a Blogger and Web Developer also. he loves to write web articles & vlogs. – Since 2007. An Artist - Suman Rai is an Artist also. he loves specially pencil sketch and painting. – Since childhood. An Engineer - He is specialist on Civil Engineering Construction & Consultancy. Experienced in different government/non-government & private organization and foundation. – Since 2006.    


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