My Experiences
In 1952, when Prem Dhoj was sixteen, he participated in a voice test sponsored by Radio Nepal. The first song he sang was Yad Kasaikko Aairahecha Yo Andheri Ratama. Prem Dhoj became the most sought-after artist by organizers of cultural programs in Nepal, enthralling them with songs like a Maun Nisha Ka Tara Ho, Magmagaundo Basana Yo Phoola Ko Hoki Timro Ho, Niraba Ratma Aanshu bhahai, O Chhu Galli Thow Chhu Galli, and Rajamati kumati. It seemed as if his songs had lent self-expression to the turbulent inner urges of a whole generation of Nepalese youth. The young artist was, however, searching for a fitting style and technique that would help in the flowering of his musical talents. By 1957 he had begun singing a combination of patriotic songs -- like Yo Nepali Shir Wuchali, the first patriotic Nepali duet with Tara Devi ever recorded on Radio Nepal -- and romantic melodies of lost love.
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