My Experiences
Mukti became a source of an inspiration to many musicians as well as up coming musicians of the valley. There were many fans of "The Eligance" and of the Mukti too. Those fans mostly love the folks songs of "The Eligence" song by Mukti. However, "The Elegance" band dissolved in 1987 and he decided to go to Spain cause he fell in love with the Spanish girl named "Mary" when she had once come in Nepal and had seen his concert. In Spain, he joined the "Tramontana" band as the lead Guitarist. He also experienced Spanish music. He also travelled to different parts of Spain with his band and gave the concert. Finally, he became able to establish his name in the music scenario there. He returned Kathmandu in early 90s when there was the musical identical crisis like anywhere else in the world. He then decided to revive the old musical charm. He gathered his old friends and started rocking the old tune which always made them swing and roll. They named themselves "Revival". However, his old good friend advised him to to make the name as "Mukti N' Revival" which make more sense. Between 1993 and 1996, there were occuring frequent changes in the line up.


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