My Experiences
Assistant Director (NEPAL IDOL - SEASON 1) - 2017. Reality Producer/Script Assistant (NEPAL IDOL - SEASON 2) - 2018/19. Script Writer/Assistant Director (BOOGIE WOOGIE NEPAL - SEASON 1) - 2018. Studio Live Producer (NEPAL LOK STAR) - 2019.

Currently I'm Working as Program Producer/Script Writer/VO Artist on Nepal's First HD Television AP1 HD. BULBUL PUBLICATION is another organization where I'm Working as Content Specialist. I have worked as a Program Coordinator at Capital FM 92.4 MHz for two years and deputy station manager at Radio sarangi 101.3 MHz for three years. I had also put the effort on writing as the content writer and editor to BN Pustak Sansar. I have been the  part of the Antara Musical Group as a Chief Media Coordinator. Accordingly, a creative presenter of Hits FM 91.2 and a concept designer to RTrainer National Broadband Media and consultant for advertisements and introducing programs for radio. I had also played the vital role in different prestigious events of Nepal as a Master of Ceremony which includes;

MC of STAND UP 19th October, 2008 | Radio TAKE ACTION Org. by : The Art Of Living Nepal Handling the full 3 hours show as a single MC, at opened air theatre, Tudikhel. MC of Close UP 13th Hits FM Music Awards 2009 18th December, 2009 |Hits FM Handling the full 3 hours show as a single MC, this was broadcasted live on Nepal Television. MC of Close UP 14th Hits FM Music Awards 2011 7th January, 2011| Hits FM Handling the full 3 hours show as part of MC, this was broadcasted live on Nepal Television. MC of 4th anniversary 20th January, 2010 | Nepal Music Center, Pingalsthan, Sinamangal. Handling the full 3 hours formal show as a single MC. MC of Inauguration 23rd March, 2010 | Syakar Safety Riding Training Centre (SSRTC), Gwarko. Handling the full 2 hours formal show as a single MC. Along with it I was Senior Radio Programme Presenter at Hits FM 91.2, a board member of a Madan Bhandari Memorial College Alumni as well as Elvis Movie Club and a secretary to Communication study centre. As a production manager to Global Movie Station I was into media relations/concept designing & production management of regular documentary projects. I had played the role of a coordinator in different sector such as a Senior Co-Ordinator Selected Poems/Arun (Poetry Book) where I had been collecting the translator for the book /typesetting of all the text/back cover photograph of the book writer ARUN TIWARI,     Co-Ordinator of Biruddhamaa & Shauchalayamaa Ishwor (Poetry Books) where I was responsible for production of these two books as a coordinator which was written & produced by poet Pradeep Bhattarai and published by Hamro Purnima Sahitya Pratisthan ,Kohalpur,Banke. A Coordinator to Faateko Mann (Audio album) where I was responsible for audio album production as a coordinator and the album was produced by the lyricist Mani Raj Basnet. A Media Coordinator / Actor Bijay Bishfot written & directed Theatre Play KHOL where I was presented as a Buddhist character Bhante in a play which was on stage for 10 days (4th Falgun-13th Falgun,2069). I had also been into Graphic Designing/Song Writing/Poetry/Novels (Graphic Designing since 2013 AD, writing poem since 2000AD, Writing song lyrics since 2004 AD, Writing novels since 2000AD. My Published Books: NELSON MANDELA - Biography of Nelson Mandela - BN PUSTAK SANSAR BOLNE KALA (An Art Of Speaking ) - Media Technical Book - BHUDIPURAN PUBLICATION My Education Academically I am associated with Tribhuwan University which is the tenth largest university in the world. I have done bachelors in Humanities, Mass communication and Journalism from TU. Accordingly, I have done Masters in Humanities, Political Science from TU.


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