My Experiences
Meet Bhopendra Kumar Budhathoki better known as Bhupendra Budhathoki, the multi-talented individual hailing from Dang district in Nepal. Born on 7th September 1994, Bhupendra is not just an accomplished officer in the Nepal Police holding the rank of an inspector, but he is also a gifted songwriter. Bhupendra has a clear vision for his role as a police inspector. With a steadfast goal of establishing "effective, friendly, and justice-based policing," he approaches each day with a determination to fulfill his responsibilities with impartiality, no matter the challenges. He believes firmly in the principle that no one is above the law and is committed to bringing the essence of policing to life until his last day in the service. In his own words, Bhupendra is determined to "devote himself to maintain peace and order in society, adopting the rights granted to him by the government as an officer". Beyond his duties as a police inspector, he has a passion for songwriting, on which he works during his spare time. His hard work and creativity paid off when his first song "Hami Nepal Prahari" was released in 2018, followed by the release of his second hit song "Fula Bhanau Jindagilai." This song was uploaded to his own YouTube channel and has since received over 11 million views, garnering Bhupendra national recognition in the form of a music award for his beautiful lyrics. He has received two Music Awards for his work. Among all these, he has accumulated over one hundred thousand subscribers on his own YouTube channel. As a result of his growing popularity, Bhupendra was even awarded the Silver Play Button from YouTube for surpassing the one hundred thousand subscriber milestone. He created his YouTube channel with a simple yet powerful goal in mind - to ensure his songs would endure for generations to come. And he has stuck to this goal by uploading only music videos in his channel. His unwavering belief in the timeless power of music has driven him forward. He stated, "Although no man is immortal, the songs created by one will remain forever." This quote speaks volumes about his commitment to his craft and his passion for music."