My Experiences
The prospects of profit with their album lured Seeding International Co. to buy Rappers’ new album “The game must go on”. The Seeding is still selling the album. Later Nirnaya decided to promote nationality through hip-hop and rap songs and thus released his solo album “Ma Nepali”. His album proved to be a great hit. Success came with appraisal for Nirnaya. Nirnaya’s tour of Kathmandu, Dharan, Biratnagar, Pokahra, Hetauda, Nepalgunj and many other places was a great success too, which suggested that his fans appreciated his DeshBhakti Bhawana. Nirnaya’s songs are full of feelings.
His Din pani bityo rat pani bityo portray the feelings of a loving couples separated by distance. In Gaule jeewan the boy mesmerizes the memories with his girl in his home. The sequel of these songs Hami sangai of album Mechi dekhi Mahakali samma describes the reunion of separated couples. Nirnaya turned his 10 years love affair into marriage. Nirnaya’s calm and ever smiling attitude had helped him throughout. Nirnaya is an altruist. His all concerts are directed towards social service. He organizes concert in different educational institutes where he collects old books and stationeries from the students and redistributes it to war struck, orphans and street children.

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